Discovery’s Klingons- Ridges

Discovery’s Klingons- Ridges

In Enterprise, don't the Klingons lose their ridges? Isn't there a disease that wipes them out which occurs and turns them into the Klingons from TOS? The ridges were a redesign for the movies (And a great addition) but during the time of Discovery, shouldn't they have the flat skin on their faces?

I have no qualms with this show so far at all. I really don't understand the point of looking at a few trailers and some stills and getting upset over nothing. This just seemed to be the only thing that stuck out as inaccurate to the timeline, and it feels like it was done in a way to adapt the Klingon prosthesis for a new time period, because lots of folks love Klingons, and they might not recognize them.


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