My idealized Voyager Ending, and the future of the Federation

My idealized Voyager Ending, and the future of the Federation

I know that this is a mute point, as Voyager has been off the air for a decade or so, but I've been recently thinking of the last episode and how much potential it had in storytelling. I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt that the ending left alot to be desired, especially with the insistence of once again using time travel to solve all problems.

So here I've thought of how I would have loved Voyager to end, as pointless as it is; also no time travel:


Part I


The story opens with 7 of 9 entering her regeneration chamber talking about how Janeway is once again diverting course to study a weird nebula around a dying star. She laments that these distractions, while interesting, are inefficient to the efforts of reaching the Alpha Quadrant.


As she goes into rest mode, she begins hearing the whispers of the Borg, only to wake up abruptly in a panic. She hurriedly contacts the bridge desperate in preventing Voyager from entering, but it's too late.


Voyager enters the nebula with intent to study the odd gravitational fluctuations. Paris slowly drives the ship forward when sensors go haywire. Janeway asks what is the matter, when the Paris makes mention of hundreds of ship signatures. Just as they are trying to figure everything out, a Borg sphere opens fire at them. Voyager makes a run for it out of the nebula but the sphere keeps pace, causing a great deal of structural damage to Voyager. Some 10 light years away, the sphere disengages and heads back to the nebula.


As repairs are underway from the Borg attack, Janeway is desperate in trying to figure out what was in that nebula and why the Borg were there. 7 of 9 comes to the bridge and informs the crew that the nebula apparently houses one of the two transwarp hubs in the galaxy, which permits the Borg unfettered access to most of the Milky Way. And not just that, but the mass amount of ships were prelude to an all out invasion of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.


With a knowledge of a full scale assault on their homes, and possible only days/weeks before it occurs, Voyager and crew are left with few options. They are out side of the contact window and thus have little means of contacting Starfleet in time, and Voyager is too badly damaged to attempt a full assault; let alone completely outgunned.


With little recourse, Janeway brings out the data on the Hugh virus formulated on the Enterprise, a potential means of destabilizing the collective. 7 of 9 remarks that while the virus may cause chaos in the short term, the Queen will quickly regain control. Janeway asks if the Queen was destroyed would the Borg have time to build a new one before the virus sweeps through the collective. 7 of 9 believes that they would not, but warns that the Queen is kept in the heart of the Unimatrix, protected to an extent that even a warp core breach would do little to reach her.


The crew is despondent, but Janeway brings out her ultimate weapon: Omega. She plans on forming, and destabilizing enough Omega particles to destroy the entirety of the Unimatrix complex. 7 of 9 agrees that such an attack would have enough potential to render the entire complex inhospitable to even the Borg.


Though as Captain, she could order the crew to do this, and likely die in the process, she believes that such an order would go against her morals. She informs the entire crew about the events, explaining what is at stake, and the alternatives of the plan; ie running away to find a planet to colonize and fight another day. She decides to hold a democratic election on the ship, so that each crewman gets to decide if they are ready to die for the hope of saving the galaxy.


The rest of Part One follows different crew members, including A, B, C list cast members as they discuss the pros and cons of fight or flight. There are touching moments between B'Ellana and Tom about their still unborn baby. Kim laments on never having made it past ensign. The doctor accepts that with the loss of Voyager, the mobile emitter may not have enough power to keep him functional should they evacuate; but he is proud to have had the chance to be alive. Tuvok, ever the pragmatist is fully onboard with sacrificing their lives, but is not so logical to say he would have liked to see his family again. 7 of 9, who has spent years learning how to be alive, is faced with the acceptance of her death as an individual, and she is afraid of what is to come. Different crew members start making hard choices on their potential futures, some get together for their last days, others face existential crises as they realize they will die.


Part One ends with the votes tally, with all but one of the votes going toward the sacrificial play. The one nay vote is from Janeway herself, who states it is her job foremost to protect her ship and her crew, even at the cost of all else. With the vote in favor of attacking the Borg, Voyager locks down into battle mode, as they prepare for war.


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