My first TOS fan fiction. Critiques welcomed!

My first TOS fan fiction. Critiques welcomed!

"Red alert!" Kirk shouted to his Communications Officer, Lt. Uhura.

Sirens blared and lights flashed as the crew of the Enterprise was knocked around the bridge. A blast from a Klingon war ship.  

"Captain, scanners indicate that the ship is using some form of Romulan cloaking," reported Commander Spock, the ship's leading science officer. "It would be illogical to engage them in battle."

"We can't just sit here, Spock!" retorted Doctor McCoy. "That'll put the entire crew in danger!"

"We cannot fight that which we cannot see, doctor."

"We can't fight if we're dead!"

Another hit from the enemy ship sent McCoy tumbling to the floor.

"Shields at 60%, captain!" Commander Sulu shouted.

"Mr. Spock, can you pick up their signal on any frequency?" the captain inquired.

"Negative, captain. This type of technology is far superior to our own. Perhaps by scanning for infrared radiation, we can detect the ambient heat emitted by the ship's crew. However, this will only give us an estimated position."

"Right. Do it. Mr. Sulu, phasers on stand by."

"Phasers on stand by, captain," answered Sulu.  

"Lt. Uhura, opening a hailing frequency."

Uhura pressed a few buttons and put a hand to her listening device. "Hailing frequency open, sir."

"Attention Klingon vessel. This is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. We are prepared to defend ourselves if necessary. Cease your attack. I repeat, we will defend if necessary."

"Klingon ship located, Capt-"  

Sparks flew as the Vulcan was thrown back from his station. McCoy called out and ran to his aid. Green blood dripped down from Spock's forehead as he began to lose consciousness.

"Shields at 50%, captain!" reported Sulu.

"Fire phasers!"

"Stay with me, Spock! Spock! Damn it, Jim, we're losing him!"

The doctor's voice drifted into a quiet whisper before disappearing completely.

Delirious and confused, Spock awoke to the beeping sound of a heart rate monitor. He looked down at his left arm, which had been bandaged. No doubt burned due to the electrical short circuit caused by the blast, Mr. Spock thought to himself. Logically, his thoughts then turned to the safety of the crew. No one had been near enough to sustain any harm, yet someone lay in the bed beside his. A blanket covered most of the body, huddled up on its side, facing away from the science officer. Jim. Spock didn't need to see who lay there, resting. He instinctively knew. James Tiberius Kirk, a very dear, very old friend, cared as much for the strange alien Vulcan as he did for the ship which he commanded. The captain stirred in his sleep and lazily awoke.

"Hello," Spock said, deadpan. He raised an eyebrow.

"Hello, Mr. Spock. Fancy meeting you here." He smirked.

"Where else would I be, Captain? I sustained second degree burns and a minor concussion. Sick bay is the only place on the ship to be treated for such injuries."

"Yes, yes, of course. And how are you feeling with your second degree burns and minor concussion?" Jim said in jest.

"I appear to be healing well," said Spock, inspecting the gauze.

"Good, good. I'm glad." Jim put a hand on his shoulder. "You gave me quite a fright. Nowhere near bad as that time on Kalos, mind you, but any captain would be worried seeing his first officer take a hit like that."

"I am grateful for your concern, Captain, though I am curious. How were you able to defuse the situation with the Klingons?"

Jim seated himself beside Spock, who shifted to allow room on the bed. The captain took in a breath, and let it out with a heavy sigh.

"Shields were down to 15%, torpedo banks empty, phaser power at a minimum. Drastic measures were necessary to ensure the safety of the ship and her crew. Scotty expects at least 3 days to repair warp power. We're running on impulse engines to a base near Sector 18."

"And the drastic measures?"

"Ah, yes. Well. I've agreed to beam aboard the Klingon ship as their prisoner."

Spock's eyebrows rose and a look of surprise flashed across his eyes before his face returned to its usual neutral state.  

"Captain…" Spock started.

"Now listen, Spock. I won't hear it from you," the captain said, raising his voice. "McCoy already told me off, and I don't need another officer undermining my authority on this ship. I'm doing what I have to do, what's necessary as captain. I will protect my crew!"  

Kirk had become visibly frustrated, yet his hands were shaking and his voice was uneasy. While Vulcan's did not share these physical emotional symptoms, Spock recognized his distress. He reached out a hand, resting it on the captain's knee.  

"I'm fine. Really." He tried to reassure his first officer as he rested his own hand on Spock's.

Looking into each others eyes, the two felt the bond between them grow stronger, turning from friendship into passion. Spock gently placed a hand on Kirk's cheek and slowly rubbed his thumb against the captain's lips.

"Fascinating." Spock whispered. "I feel as if I know your thoughts… without the use of the Vulcan Mindmeld…"

"Do you know what I'm thinking now?" probed the captain.

"I believe I do, sir."

There was a slight moment of hesitation from Kirk before he responded.

"Show me," he whispered into the silence.

His hand moved up the captain's thigh as Kirk leaned himself backwards, anticipating the pleasure. He moaned ever so slightly as Spock's fingers reached his groin, but they did not stop there. Swiftly unbuttoning the regulation trousers, the first officer let lose his captain's hard prick. Every slightest touch made it twitch.  Spock rubbed his hand lightly over the tip, gauging the reaction. When he sensed the captain could no longer wait, he grabbed the pulsing cock and began stroking it. Long, slow strokes, pumping out a shimmery liquid.  

"Curious." Like an intrigued puppy, Spock raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side.

He halted his strokes and grabbed the base to prop it up. Lowering his head, the captain's wildest dreams came true. The Vulcan stuck out his tongue and tasted the liquid. It was salty. Instinctively, he slowly put his lips around the tip.  

"Oh, Spock….yes…" The captain could no longer deny his desires for his first officer and close friend. He wanted this more than anything, almost as much as commanding the Enterprise.

Spock put this tongue, wet and soft, at the base of his cock. He slowly licked


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