How to approach watching TOS

How to approach watching TOS

One of the TOS main flaws (actually, THE main flaw) is it's 60s-ness: the terrible SFX, the bare-bones sets, and, of course, The Shat.

Now, for me, I don't have any issues with it. I grew up watching it from the age of about 6 years on. For me, it was what it was, and my 6 year old self didn't care.

As an adult, I see all the flaws. To me, I don't think of them as flaws but I can see how they would make watching it really offputting.

Here's how I'd approach it today if I were attempting to get into it now.

If you're in a country where English is the first language, you've more than likely gone to see a live Shakespeare play. Chances are that you've also seen in a minimalist style: that is, no sets, bare costumes, minimal props. It's just the actors, the bare necessity of props and background scenery, and that's it. The story and performances carry the show, not the props or effects.

This is the mindset I would employ when watching it for the first time, because, if you do take the time, TOS has some of the BEST stories ever set to film.

Give it a shot. I hope this works for some people.


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