So I just finished Deep Space Nine.

So I just finished Deep Space Nine.

I recently started, watched, and finished the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series. I went in wanting to hate it, criticize it, and frankly not enjoy it. Except after binge watching all 7 season in the matter of 2 1/2 weeks, I could not put it down. I am a hardcore Voyager fan but watching Deep Space Nine actually filled some holes within the Voyager series that I had. I do know however how ridiculed and disliked this genre of Star Trek is. The difference between Star Trek DS9 and practically ever other Star Trek is that DS9 is like a drama show in a way. Here's how I see it; with most of the other Star Trek shows it begins the episode with a problem that needs to be fixed and solved by the end of the episode and usually that happens with nothing really caring over to the next episode. Yes, that being said characters and other things might be carried over but nothing that happens after the episode is really brought up later or anything like that. I only note a few times where things are brought up in Voyager from past episodes, but with Deep Space Nine things are constantly being used from past episodes or even seasons to further add to the story. With watching Deep Space Nine you can't just jump into an episode and hope to have everything explained to you. The show makes it so that you have to watch most the entire series to understand what is going on. I do understand this isn't always the case for some of the show, but this is what makes DS9 so much different and in a way better. I love Voyager to death but I always knew at the start of the next episode the crew would be back in the Delta Quadrant but like nothing had happened the previous episode unless it's a two parter. DS9 has parts going on forever and its cool to see someone took the chance and change the style of Star Trek! Just my thoughts! Interested in what other people think of this theory I have the DS9 series. The theory being it's more like a drama show or like the young and the restless of Star Trek.


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