Just watched 6×22 “Suspicions.” It sticks out as a particularly bad episode to me.

Just watched 6×22 “Suspicions.” It sticks out as a particularly bad episode to me.

While searching it on this sub, I came across this thread wherein commenters criticized the writing, stating that the mystery easily could have been solved by having minimal surveillance on the ship, and/or a simple system that records (or alerts crew) when anyone leaves the ship unannounced.

My problem, however, came right near the beginning. I was wondering why they even needed to have someone pilot the shuttle during the shield test. Could the writers not conceive of remote operation of a vehicle in 1995? Especially since RC cars were commercially available as early as the 1960s?.

What really gets me, though, is that this hole ends up being highlighted later in the same episode. When Crusher is talking to Data about how the experiment could have been sabotaged, they actually talk about remotely accessing the shuttle's navigation systems. Why didn't they just do that to test the shield? Why couldn't they just mount the shield on a probe (which are well established in many, many earlier episodes of the series) instead of a shuttle? I feel like there are a good number of episodes that include extremely unnecesssarily manned flight.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Feel free to chip in your thoughts on the ep…


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