So disappointed by Voyager (spoilers)

So disappointed by Voyager (spoilers)

I recently finished all 7 seasons of Voyager and I am disappointed. It's the 3rd series of ST I have watched, after TNG and DS9. I wanted to love VOY, or even like it. Instead I was just disappointed. The ending really sealed the deal for me.

The concept of Voyager is really cool, but it was just so poorly executed. It bothered me that we never really knew how far along they had progressed. Here and there some event would shave off several years but it didn't seem real. They would deal with some species for a single episode, then fly away as if they will never have to deal with them again, but then they do! But they already left them behind, but they didn't! I would have preferred if the writers had small story arcs where the crew spend several episodes dealing with X species, negotiating, trading, dealing with hostilities, learning the politics, then escaping and learning lessons from it. Instead it seemed like a lot of loose ends were formed. Groups that weren't nearly organized enough to be so dispersed kept coming back even though Voyager was speeding as fast as they could for years on end.

The drama between the Maquis and Starfleet was never properly explored. Not in the beginning, not during the series, and not at the end. There were times early on when they trusted each other way too much, and times after spending several years together when they suddenly distrusted each other. It made no sense. I think a dedicated fan should re-order the episodes.

We never know how much equipment or personnel there are. There is never a hard number on the crew count even though people are joining up and dying off or defecting. The crew count is important. In Battlestar Galactica they count every human in the fleet and have the number written on a white board. It just makes sense for the leadership to do this. This was never done in VOY.

Characters never really grow and develop. Or if they do it's in bizarre and nonsensical ways. I would have liked to see Harry Kim get married and settle down, because that was more his personality from the get go (worried about his girlfriend on Earth). Instead Paris got married to someone he had no chemistry with. I would have liked the pilot to be more of a player–more of a Riker–romancing his way across the Delta quadrant with a captain that couldn't stop him.

In fact, all of the relationships seemed sterile. Everyone was so uptight literally all the time. All the women were uptight, serious, and anal, with the possibility of Kess who was just quiet and meek, but when she came back of course she was uptight and wanted to kill the crew. After about the 100th time of Belanna being a "pissed off" Klingon I realized holy shit they turned her into Keiko O'Brien. I grew tired of 7-of-9 and the total lack of development, despite all the stories about her developing her humanity. In one of the last few episodes she and Chakotay were flying over a jungle and he remarks how beautiful it is–she just has to swat it down like the debbie downer she is and say that a scan would have been sufficient. It's like please kill me now.

And the men were mostly mild mannered milquetoasts from Chakotay always whispering and soothing, to Neelix trying to be the clown and overly friendly. Paris was almost portrayed as a 12 year old boy obsessed with comics, cartoons, and breakfast cereals. And Harry Kim was perpetually an Ensign, except for the end when he was a Captain–but then even that was taken away from him. The two men who weren't meek, the Doctor and Tuvok, were more persnickety and annoyed with their crew mates. The Doctor was probably the best character of the entire series, if only because all the rest were just so poorly fleshed out by the writers.

The ending was just terrible. After all those years and all those lessons learned the Captain goes back in time, violating everything she spent her career upholding, to cheat her way back to Earth. What's even more dumb is that she does it to save only the crew who died after those first seven years–she couldn't give a damn about the unfortunate people who died in the first part of the journey. She could have gone all the way back and prevented the entire Voyager journey. Curious that she attacks the Borg as well. It seems that by the end the Borg really aren't a threat–not like they were in previous series. By messing with the timeline she could very easily be screwing with Belanna and Tom's daughter who obviously joined Starfleet and helped Janeway to acquire the technology she needed to go back in time in the first place. Janeway is the worst captain, ever.

There were a few good episodes in Voyager (Year of Hell comes to mind, Blink of an Eye was cool) but wow they were heavily outnumbered by the nonsense. I finished the final episode just shaking my head in disgust. I watched the first episode of ENT and was instantly into it, so I have that to look forward to. My apologies to those of you who like Voyager out of nostalgia, it just wasn't for me.


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