Approaching the end of TNG…

Approaching the end of TNG…

So I started watching Trek towards the end of 2016 (without having seen literally any star trek prior) using the outline here. I noticed later that nearly every viewing guide is the same right up to the point of where I'm at. So far I've watched:

TOS, loved it

TAS, liked it

Movies 1-6, Loved them! Mostly…

TNG Seasons 1-6, Loved them!

And as of a few minute ago I've finished the season 7 premiere simply because I had to see the resolution of that 2 parter. This, however, is where some of the viewing guides seem to diverge. I understand that DS9 started airing in the middle of TNG's run and some of the viewing guides take this into account (such as the one located towards the bottom of this page).

I'm the kind of guy who enjoys the small things. If there are little references dropped here and there between the two series from this point on I want to see it. If not, however, I would like to finish up TNG before diving into a new series. So if anybody could help me out with this, I would love some advice. If there are a significant amount of references between the two would it be a good idea to use this to watch?

Also, I understand that there are 4 TNG movies and am pretty sure that some of the later ones reference VOY and DS9 extensively. I'm much more willing to rewatch a few movies than 26 episodes of a season. That being said, would it be a good idea to go ahead and watch the TNG movies after I'm done with the show and then just rewatch them after DS9 and VOY to pick up on any little things I might've missed? Or could there be some reference in those movies that would best be seen after having already watched VOY and DS9?

Thanks for any help. Thank you reddit for pulling me into this franchise in the first place, I'm loving it!


Would anything be lost, even if it's small, from watching TNG all the way through before starting DS9?

Would just rewatching the TNG movies after DS9 and VOY be advisable instead of waiting to finish those series before watching some of those movies?


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