Most random scene in Star Trek.

Most random scene in Star Trek.

The other night I was watching late night tv and I found Voyager on in syndication. It was "Pathfinder", the episode from Season 6 where Reginald Barclay is able to make contact with Voyager. I decided to watch since I liked Barclay, he always seemed like just a normal guy surrounded by genius. I think he's what most of us would be like on the Enterprise, good at our jobs, competent but not at the level of Geordie. I also found his sadness over losing his Enterprise family hit close to home, as I lost my job at the end of last year because our contract was not renewed. It was nothing we did, just another government agency was doing what we were and decided we weren't needed. So I can relate with feeling adrift from losing your family.

Anyway, the episode got near the end and we go to Voyager herself, up to this point the episode had taken place on Earth and the Voyager characters had appeared as holograms. Seven is in astrometrics and Nellix walks in and says he's ready for his signing lessons which is….odd. I don't recall a storyline where Seven taught Neelix to sing and the former Borg drone would not be the first person I would go to for tutelage in the arts. It wasn't a bad scene, I enjoy Seven's emotionless yet snarky suggestion that Neelix confine his singing to the sonic shower. It was just….odd and random.

So that's my question. What are some scenes from Trek's long and esteemed history that weren't necessarily good or bad, just random.


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