an idea centered around Jeffrey Coombs

an idea centered around Jeffrey Coombs

so recently i was reminded of how awesome Jeffrey Coombs is; he was amazing as Weyoun in DS9, and just as amazing (if not more so) as Shran in ENT. so here's my idea:

somehow, someway, work him into Discovery. in a timetravel storyline, retcon him into TOS and TNG.

then, in a later storyline we find out that really he's some kind of omnipotent being, perhaps a Q having fun, and has been the sole driving force throughout the various series.

don't mind me, i just think he's the best character actor in the Trek universe.

"Weyoun said he and his clones were engineered from an arboreal monkey-type animal"

"… nah, he just showed up one day and we felt compelled to give him a job"


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