Discovery Turns Sarek Into A Hypocrite?

Discovery Turns Sarek Into A Hypocrite?

From the same article as the Ancient Klingon picture:

'At the behest of Spock’s father, Sarek (James Frain), Yeoh’s Philippa Georgiou has mentored Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham for seven years as Burnham rose through the Federation ranks, and Georgiou now feels her protegee is ready to take command of her own ship.'

So since Spock is already serving on the Enterprise with Capt. Pike at the very same time of this series, why does he completely disapprove of his career choice?

Journey to Babel: Amanda states Sarek disapproves of Starfleet's willingness to use force. He has stopped speaking to Spock because of his decision to not join the Vulcan Science Academy.

Why is he then meddling in the career/advancement of a yet-unknown human in a service he doesn't want his own son in?

Prequels continue to be a mistake. Go boldly into the future as Roddenberry intended.


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