A Vulcan Approach to Recovery

A Vulcan Approach to Recovery

I had a really rough summer, multiple seizures, hospitalizations, and access struggles revolving around my disabilities. I've been reading a lot of Star Trek fanfiction lately, because it's the most accessible form of media for me at the moment. (The text to speech on my computer can read it easily, and I don't have to watch a screen which can cause headaches and nausea in addition to making me more vulnerable to seizures.)

I've gotten better. I'm finally in a place where I feel like I can commit to enough stability and routine (I no longer need naps after activities more intensive than vegging on the sofa) to take a more active roll in my recovery.

Based on the exercises I was given to improve mental health and emotional response, I feel that adopting an intentionally Vulcan approach to my recovery would be extremely beneficial.

I'm still trying to shape what this means, and am mostly just looking for a variety of essays other's might have written about Vulcan's and their approach to emotion, in addition to any Star Trek episodes I might benefit from contemplating more deeply.

I think that choosing to respond to stimuli in a Vulcan way will further assist me in choosing my emotions and outward responses in away I have not been able to access despite several months of practicing.

I hope I am understood? Writing this as assisted in ordering my thoughts.

dif-tor heh smusma


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