I have no problem with the Klingons being stylish violent aesthetes.

I have no problem with the Klingons being stylish violent aesthetes.

Minor rant / spiel here. I still really really really really hate the starfleet disco uniforms but leaving that aside..

I watched the writers discussion and found it really cool and interesting. They're obviously all very smart people who love Trek. You can't beat that. And they made a point of saying that they had to comment on the current world, and one of the things that they needed to say was that conflict can't be black and white, and that civilizations, even those experiencing conflict, each have intrinsic value and richness.

I guess what no one is saying, and what no one can say because it's too nail on head, but what the klingons represent today, is different to what they did in the sixties. Civilisational conflict is what a lot of people on both sides are looking for in today's world.

All that being said, you can really really see why Fullers oiriginal diktat was to make the klingons, richer, deeper, sleeker, with a deep aesthetic sense of their own culture. All of which is to say what he was clearing off the table: loud roaring tankard drinking forehead butting hairy meat gnawing mad brutes bent on mad war.

And really you can see his point. This is a trek dealing with the issues around civilisational interaction, empathy, conflict, alienation, demonization, I mean you name it. You can see why this would require a certain kind of Klingon to play their role in that narrative. A culturally rich, more sleek, sexy, amazingly violent but seductively aesthetic race of beings.

Anyway – also that Klingon full ornate medieval armour looks F**KING INSANE for my money. I mean that stuff is triple A blockbuster costume design going on.

I'm down with these Klingons personally. Plus I just can't argue with fifteen hours of near cinematic quality Star Trek. Me wantee.

End rant.


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