The Character Development of Voyager

The Character Development of Voyager

People complain about the lack of development of the characters on Voyager. To contrast, Deep Space Nine is leaps and bounds ahead on this category, where even side characters are fully fleshed out and go on a journey of sorts over 7 seasons. (One might argue that TNG and ENT didn't really do well in these categories as a whole with a few notable exceptions)

So I'm going to list the Voyager characters from most developed to least developed.

*** Good development ** Average Development * Little Development

1 The Doctor ***

A hologram. A HOLOGRAM, really? is the most developed character on this show? At least it was fun to watch.

2 Seven of Nine ***

By default, going from a Borg Drone to learning about the intricacies of humanity, she has to make the top of this list.

3 Janeway **

Perhaps unevenly developed at times, she learned to do what was needed to get the crew home.

4 Paris **

Underrated development here. From a season one maverick to married and quite mature by season seven.

5 Kes *

Went from very naive to the Doctor's trusty assistant to … a superpowered being … to a mad woman? Weird arc.

6 Torres *

Made a sharp change from Maquis to Starfleet early on. Then flatlined.

7 Chakotay *

See Torres, but even less so. But he did have the Indian stuff though? Just kidding.

8 Neelix *

Not much changed really. I guess he went from a scavenger in Caretaker to a diplomat of sorts, by the end. But his personality really remained the same. Just a title change more or less.

9 Kim -* (yes, that is a negative star)

Ensign Kim in season one. Ensign Kim in season seven. Stiff and gullible in season one, basically the same in season seven. Poor, poor Harry. In the same timespan, Nog, a Ferengi kid, went from throwing rocks off the promenade and a thief to a war-hardened lieutenant, in DS9.


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