Star Trek: DS9

Star Trek: DS9

Wow. I didn't get to watch this as a kid, only the original and TNG so I had no idea what to expect. Decided to binge-watch TNG recently on Netflix and came to the last episode way to quickly thinking that there couldn't be anything close to the representation of the series after it (plus Jean-Luc Picard is one of my favourite on-screen characters of any show). Man was I wrong.

I needed more, decided to give DS9 a try and frankly I'm blown away. I used to hate the Ferengi but Quark made me see them from a completely different light – same goes for the characters revolving around the Cardassians. Sisko is such a badass too. Apparently I've been a Trekkie all my life and didn't know it – honestly the themes in Star Trek make Star Wars look like a kids show by comparison (I suppose it is). Yeah I know, they're different things altogether but as a kid I really didn't see a difference, now at 33 the dialogue is so much more meaningful to me.

Just felt like sharing as I couldn't contain myself after the finale of Season 2 🙂


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