Drove two hours with a friend and captained the Enterprise! (Star Trek Set Tour)

Drove two hours with a friend and captained the Enterprise! (Star Trek Set Tour)

Images from the tour (and yes, they let you sit in the Captain's chair!): http://ift.tt/2uqQdHr

Today I got the chance to drive to Ticonderoga, NY, a sleepy town in the Adirondack Mountains, and home to the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour!

For those of you unfamiliar with this, it's a 1:1, 100% accurate (by all appearances), reproduction of the Original Series set straight off the Desilu production lot. Created by James Cawley from the New Voyages fan films, volunteers from across the world, and licensed by CBS, it really was Mecca for a fan like myself.

All together you're given a roughly two hour tour by some friendly/knowledgeable guides. I didn't expect many people to be there, but was shocked to find my own group to be pretty full and another two before and after walking through. Plenty of time for photo ops and interaction with the set.

Lot's of people seemed to drop in off of Main Street out of curiosity, while we were decked out in (cheap) Starfleet uniforms. Even got mistaken for employees when we arrived, and was asked to jump in to strangers pictures to make the set really look alive!

If you're a TOS (or Trek fan in general), I highly recommend making the drive to Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain for the tour. Upstate New Yorkers and people from Vermont will be closest, but anyone from Montreal to NYC, even Boston would find it worth it IMO (with the added benefit of enjoying the Adirondacks).


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