Captain Archer — unworthy of the Captain’s chair?

Captain Archer — unworthy of the Captain’s chair?

I'm watching through "Enterprise" for the first time after skipping it during it's original run. I'm almost halfway through Season 1, and the more I watch, the more I hate Archer.

This show is basically about the crew haphazardly stumbling through their missions, and the complete lack of a moral and ethical focus is really distracting. They just make one bad decision after another, and it's usually for only one reason:

Captain Archer is an arrogant, incompetent dimwit.

His buddy Trip is even worse. He only encourages more hotheadedness. Then you have Hoshi, who is completely incompetent; Reed, who keeps trying to unconvincingly make you believe that he likes shooting guns; and Mayweather, the wide-eyed human wallpaper.

Just when you think a show needs some bit of wisdom, temperament, and a sense of an authority figure, in comes T'Pol, who comes off like an absolute bitch.

Do these characters ever get fleshed out to the point of becoming likeable? Like, is that in the cards at all, as I keep plowing through this show?

All I can think of is how drastically the show would be improved if Archer was replaced by a more traditional Star Trek captain, more in the vein of a Picard or Sisko, someone who projects a real sense of authority and ties everything together. Because as it is now, the crew is in serious need of some adult supervision!


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