RDM, while producing DS9, kept in contact with fans via AOL…

RDM, while producing DS9, kept in contact with fans via AOL…

Since there's been a lot of discussion about DS9 on here as of late, I wanted to share something I remember reading when I was a kid. Back when DS9 was in like it's 4th/5th season, Ronald D. Moore did this thing where he'd post on AOL's message boards responding to fan's questions. It's REALLY interesting! Some of it's questions about episodes that's airing/aired, other bits are talking about being a writer/producer and submitting scripts for consideration and whatnot. He also eats a lot of shit for killing Kirk by having a bridge fall on him… poor guy.


If there's any interest, I'd consider summarizing them so people can read them in a format that's less difficult. Otherwise, enjoy!

One thing that gets me is how the Netflix era completely changed watching (and the reception of) DS9. Observe:

<<My question, Ron, is do you feel (like I do) that Trek in general and DS9 in particular are routinely overlooked in the media?>>

I think the quality of work is routinely overlooked. What we usually get is a lot of media coverage of the Trek franchise as a whole, the business of marketing the "product," and the dedication of the fans. All that's fine as far as it goes — all publicity is good publicity on a certain level — but I think that the media often ignores some very good work on the part of the actors, the directors, the writers, and the entire production team in creating a really good TV show. DS9 is just "part of the franchise" and is seldom judged in the media on its own merits.

All of that is a drag, but on the other hand, we have you, the fans and no one else does. Babylon 5 and Star Wars have their own fan base, I know, but it takes nothing away from their acheivements to point out that the loyalty and longevity of the Trek fans is unique. The following that Trek enjoys, from conventions to fanzines to clubs to websites is unprecedented and in many ways it more than makes up for the lack of Emmys, Oscars, and mainstream press recognition. How many other TV writers have their work recognized and analyzed week after week? How many other TV writers have stood in front of crowds and been applauded? How many other TV writers have folders like this? We at Trek are LUCKY to be associated with something like this and whether or not the press wants to take note of us, YOU do and that's quite enough.


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