SDCC Star Trek Discovery Superthread & Discussion

SDCC Star Trek Discovery Superthread & Discussion

I thought it might be worthwhile having a place where we can see all the output from SDCC as and when it's available. Rather than trawling twitter and having 20 different posts on here.

I've made a start on everything I've seen so far tonight:

New Phaser (untouched shot)

Some shots of the new Klingon armour

Concept art for the Klingon environments. A raider, the sarcophagus bridge

The torchbearer

Some beautiful uniforms, including the previously unseen medical

Close up of the medical uniform

Close up of a Klingon head-dress & info card from the display

Sareks uniform, black star fleet captains uniform

Close up of insignia replicas

One of the posters, can't remember if this one has been seen before

All the uniforms lined up

Another view of the Klingon helmet, with a distant view of the phaser and rifle

Torchbearer with maybe a Bat'Leth in the back ground hanging on the wall

Close up of rifle and phaser, some amazing detail in there

Concept art for Klingon ships

Huge roundup including some more info on the transports, the armour, the sarcophagus, the obelisk ship, the d'k tahg dagger etc. Thanks to /u/merulaalba for the link

Another view of the torchbearer

Klingon boots… although they are that high they could just be legs.

More angles of the Klingon ship concept art including sarcophagus


🖖🏻 TRICORDER 🖖🏻 and communicator

Insignia detailing on spacesuit, boots bd uniform

Close ups of away team armour, or maybe an evolution of the MACO attire and some cool gloves

Harcourt Fenton Mudd – the debut outfit… maybe? I don't think there is a plaque supporting this theory. Certainly looks like his sense of style.

TrekMovie roundup of ship concept art

TrekMovie roundup of starfleet props and uniforms

TrekMovie roundup of Klingon props and uniforms

Discovery, communicator, spacesuit

Close ups of the dagger and plaque. Is the word "augmented" a hidden clue?

Close up of the Bat'Leth with plaque

Close up of EVA suit and plaque

Captains chair

Klingon disruptors!

IGN Germany article on exhibition. Interface isn't great but some new angles of the props and new shots of the Shenzhou, transporter room etc. The Ready Room: the edge of discovery with Larry Nemecek

TrekMovie coverage of exhibition with comparisons of concept art versus trailer.

———————DAY 3 & PANEL——————

***will update day 3 as it happens here, some links below for following live tweets/commentary:

TrekMovie will live tweet the panel

The panel has taken to the stage: &

Other bits:

Cast in the EW photo booth

Cast surrounding John Van Citters in the captains chair!

Another shot from EW



I'll continue to add to the end of this post (above), but if you see any I've missed… feel free to add them below 🙂


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