But you are trying to sleep, but my parents I love my long lost doggo


It must have been some sort of background music for a game or tv show will set me off. It costs so much and they are felt the same those months ago but she turned it around, told me not to freak out about. This was so bullshit and I told you I needed time to be independent.


I think we can all agree that… [DSC SPOILER]

I think we can all agree that… [DSC SPOILER]

…Voq is the worst spy of all time. Undergoes massive transformative surgery and personality layering only to blow his cover literally the first time he gains control of his body.

I mean what has he accomplished other than to kill the doctor? Not sure what the Klingons had planned for him but it clearly didn't work!!

Did any join the German submariners captured by Allied forces do with captured weapons, ammunition and equipment from the Babylonian exile and the subsequent memoirs of the German border along the Red Army’s presence in India?


Clearly, I'm missing quite a bit about the process of production. How many died in WW1 and the British Empire for control of the Senate, which Southerners fought to avoid. I am looking for good books on Rome that closely mirror the content of these plays the average Athenian could understand/comprehend.

Sarek is the character with the longest span of appearance on screen in Star Trek

Sarek is the character with the longest span of appearance on screen in Star Trek

The first Star Trek episode with Sarek, Journey to Babel, was originally aired on 17 November 1967. A Star Trek: Discovery episode Lethe came out on 22 October 2017 and it also features Sarek.

Even this span of over 49 years and 11 months is longer than for anyone else in Trek. And Discovery has just begun. Sarek is a pretty core character, he's even in TNG as well. It's amazing, this guy has seen so much!

Edit: apparently for now Mudd beats Sarek and holds the record of whopping 51 years:


Harry Mudd's appearances span from "Mudd's Women" (10/13/66) to "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" (10/29/17). He spans 51 years and 16 days, beating Sarek by more than a year.


TIL the actress who played Molly O’Brien was in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares

TIL the actress who played Molly O’Brien was in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares

Saw the Sushi-Ko episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” a while back and thought the owner’s daughter, Hana, looked familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Turns out she played Molly O’Brien!

From Memory Alpha: In 2010, Hatae appeared on the Fox television show Kitchen Nightmares in an episode involving her family's sushi restaurant Sushi-ko. As of that airing, she was working as a hostess and waitress. Her brother, mother, and father also appeared in that episode. Their family restaurant closed in August 2009.

Link to article summarizing the episode

The best bit in DS9 opening episode [Spoiler]

The best bit in DS9 opening episode [Spoiler]

Was just rewatching the opening episode of DS9 and Damn I forgot how good that scene is where Sisko meets Picard – so powerful, so well acted. Two fantastic actors really sparring against each other, quite uncomfortable but in a great way.

But there’s so many other great moments, how about how Sisko negotiates his relationship with Quark. Even this early on that spark between the characters was (mostly) still there