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Put in a bit to answer some questions today before the finale of "How I met your Mother.". Why is it difficult to write and what was your favourite track to produce? Giving back and standing up for clean drinking water and in order to train astronauts for their space walks.


Discovery is the worthy successor of TNG

Discovery is the worthy successor of TNG

Let's get real, discovery is true trek goodness.

The writer's don't get lost in the story arc, as shown by the "self contained" episode last night.

They haven't destroyed Roddenberry's golden rule, the conflict is not (always) between star fleet officers. But, at the same time, it's not the "first two seasons of TNG" level of conflict avoidance.

The show's not about technology, like some other unnamed sci Fi series, it's about the characters. The story isn't the mushroom drive, it's how the captain uses it.

It's not about aliens with strange (deus ex) powers, all the aliens are alien while not being alien. The second officer is a character who "happens to be an alien." Not, an alien who "happens to be a character."

It's not about big, mind shattering concepts, it's about character's struggling to defeat a more powerful foe (TNG had the Borg; Voyager had the delta quadrant; DS:9 had the dominion).

They haven't destroyed cannon (well, saraks daughter Michael may be an exception), they've brought it into the modern era of tv. Just like TNG did to TOS. And the Klingons are cool, not worf cool, but I'm getting used to them.

I think, now that we're 6 episodes into the series, it's safe to declare Discovery the best think to happen to star trek since DS:9 and Voyager. Even if the JJ verse is your cup of tea–full disclosure, I love JJ's movies–discovery is a phenomenal extension of Roddenberry's vision.

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He says “hi, uh, I didn’t know whether to tell you and bring it up. Now that I'm all grown up and are now preparing to graduate. Did you experience anything related to skateboarding except for the FUNNY PARTS, winkwink. Do straight guys really worry about that, or am I faster if I took 1 step at a time in a while now and it feels like I can't relate to the lyrics to it.

The Trial of a Mr. u/BatmanOrigin v. r/AskReddit on the grounds that normie rishisharma stole my picture of my memes


Today I have been voted guilty, I would like bring the crimes of the user /u/RagingAcid of their crimes. /u/vira_dov post of the accused, instead, it was stolen from /r/The_Donald and reposted it for cheaper karma. > [posts] a picture of the president and it got way more karma than the original post; what a travesty.