Holodeck Issues.

Holodeck Issues.

One I’ve thing I never understood about the holodeck is how certain things gained on the holodeck can leave it. Shouldn’t stuff disappear the moment you leave?

We are having a pasta bridge building contest at work, a coworker made a Star Trek Bridge Bridge.

We are having a pasta bridge building contest at work, a coworker made a Star Trek Bridge Bridge.

A couple of years ago I posted my Star Trek themed pumpkin "Make It Throw" for our yearly Pumpkin Chunkin contest.

Today, we are having a pasta bridge building contest. You have to build a bridge that meets certain specifications out of pasta. There will have several winning categories, not just max load capacity.

Without further backstory, here's the Star Trek Bridge Bridge

Star Trek Bridge Bridge Imgur Link

I need to talk about Lower Decks/TNG as a whole.

I need to talk about Lower Decks/TNG as a whole.

Let me get something off my chest. TNG is not my favorite Trek. It's really good, but not the best, so this may be coloring my opinion/rambling here.

This episode was probably my favorite for a number of reasons: flawed protagonists, clear ambitions and character goals, a decent full space elf Vulcan character, a clever take on the bridge crew…and Picard manipulates a guilty ensign into a dangerous mission through tests of courage and a chance for redemption.

Seriously, why is Sito going on the one mission where meatshields ensigns aren't suited for (espionage, covert stuff)? All that surveying the Enterprise does should be with ensigns on the ground, not the bridge crew. People, you have prosthetics, use them, Troi passed as a Romulan, she would be an excellent Bajoran if needed. This is probably where the Monster of the Week format falls apart, because they can't/won't look to last episodes unless they need to.

In spite of that annoyance, it's good to see someone in TNG act like a normal person. Everyone on the bridge is so locked into their own set of morals it feels like the show never evolves or changes, with many of the same lessons being taught over and over but in slightly different ways.

Anyway, what do you think of the Lower Decks? A needed refresher from an old formula or filler?

Also, what do you think about TNG? Is it your favorite or does it fall short in some ways for you?

Issue with DS9

Issue with DS9

I recently started re-watching DS9. After Episode Babel where pretty much everyone gets affected by a virus. It made me wonder why virus's and other diseases are not a bigger issue for the station.

They constantly have visitors from all over Alpha Quadrant, and because of the wormhole, the Gamma Quadrant. Because of this, I would expect a lot more virus'/diseases to be introduced to the station.

If they address this in a later episode I'd love to know.